Welcome to my website! Here is the latest album. I hope you love it.

See the the new music video here: http://www.johnclarkemusic.com/hes-a-pirate/

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  1. Hi John, Just want to say Ive just recently heard your music on YouTube and I cant remember ever been moved so much by anything ive ever heard before! Ive just ordered my Cordoba.and will be getting your CDs this weekend.Allan (Scotland)

  2. I am trying to purchase a CD copy of ‘classical & spanish guitar music’. I’m not able to ‘add to cart’ (from your website) with my computer….and the CD Baby store outlet doesn’t appear to have it. Can you help me obtain this?

  3. Music that leaves me speechless. Music has no boundaries, no barriers.it is a wind that blows from one direction to other. Like a river that flows from here to there and from there to somwhere.Music i Love, Music is life.

  4. Just bought the String and Wood download. As a Linux user I was very happy to find ogg vorbis format available. Thanks for sharing your music and knowledge on-line! I look forward to tackling your lesson package soon.

  5. I love your music, I re-discovered it a year later from when I listened last. I think life brings you to moments in time when you feel like you can relate to a piece of art more than ever, and this is a time when I believe your music really defines how I am feeling.
    Great work John!

  6. Hii ,

    i am a beginner learning to play guitar and i accidently found your compositions on youtube . i am left all stunned by your creations , it takes me to some other world where i have peace and only peace . Never seen something like this before . Now, i wish a miracle happens and i am able to play like you do .

  7. Heard you a few years ago playing in the evening at Ghiradelli Square in SF. It was the perfect night for the romantic music. The stars were out, it was a warm night, lights were strung around, and people were having fun. It was like I was at an exclusive party listening to a fabulous guitar player. I recently re-discovered the cd and am now enjoying it all over again. Hope you get all the recognition you deserve!

  8. Hi,
    i just heard your wonderful piece titled “10-19-10.mov” on You Tube. Truly a great work ! I wonder if I could possibly find the music on a compact disk? Thank-you Cal Mohney

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