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  1. Great music on the street today at pier 39!
    First time met you, really impressive.
    Hope you can travel to China and show your music at an City like Shanghai.

  2. Hi John,

    I don’t know if you will read this but I’m the girl that asked you the name of the song (Aurora Borealis) that you were playing at Pier 39 today! I knew I’ve heared this beautiful song somewhere (a Chinese music app), but I didn’t realize that you were the artist who made this song until now!! I should’ve talked with you and bought your album right there but I didn’t because I was in a hurry and most importantly I thought you were just someone who was playing his song….. I must have lost my mind… Now I feel like I lost a million dollars for missing the chance 😂
    I just wanted to say that your music is inspiring and relaxing, it made my life better. I wish I would have the privilege to meet you again when I visit SF one day.
    Thank you for the great music!

  3. John, can you upload a video of your drum beats on guitar.
    Anyway, john you are the best guitarist I ever seen
    Mostly, most evolved is the best for me
    I played it in my school competitions
    Still I am studying your songs

    Thank you very much john

  4. Dear John
    I have always loved your music. My eldest boys just started teaching himself guitar……we have always had one in our home……your influence in our lives from our early days at De Anza College!!! I
    showed him your Most Evolved, he of course loved it, as we all do. You are an amazing musician. Thinking of you today.
    Much Love always
    Reema x

  5. Mar Olayo (@MarMarolayo)
    11/8/17 16:48
    La mejor manera de transmitir la belleza de #SanFrancisco en 1 minuto es con la música de @JohnClarkeMusic en la mejor compañía @jatirado ❤️ pic.twitter.com/pGtnjINmCB

  6. Hello John,

    Just a quick note. I really enjoyed listening to you play in SF at Pier 39 last week. Just know that you stir emotions in people with your music. I am now working listening to the CDs I bought from you.

    Thank you

  7. I looked up the Roy Harper song I have in mind to save you hours of sifting thru his dozens of CDs. I recommend “South Africa” on Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion.” It is on youtube, if you have five minutes. I own all his CDs. He is coming to the end of his career. It would be nice to see the young keep his original songs going. Your original songs are also better than any of your covers. Your originals are really good. 🙂

  8. Hi John,
    I saw you at Fisherman’s Wharf, SF on June 25th. You sounded great live. You sound good on CD, too. I bought 2 CDs and have listened to both several times now. I like your originals on JHC String & Wood the best. I also like the Spanish and classical songs on Waterfront. I asked for covers, but the JS Bach and other classical songs on Waterfront sound the best. The CDs are great. I am not Chinese, but apparently share a strong adoration for your work, as do your many Chinese fans. Small world.
    P.S. One of my favorite acoustic guitarists is Roy Harper, from the UK. My favorite album is Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion (1974). It is not the same genre, but you might find it interesting. Parts of He’s a Pirate remind me of Harper, at times. You might consider doing a cover. Just a thought. 🙂

  9. Hi John,

    Your each and every peace of music is awesome and wonderful. Every-time your music gives me peace.

    Are you planning to do some sort of concert in India? Here you will get good response.

  10. Listening your masterpiece on Apple Music! Please bring Waterfront to Apple Music 🙂

    Your fan from Dubai

  11. Hi John,

    Do you know why do you have so many fans from China?
    That’s beacause one famous celebrity introduce your CD on his weibo(Chinese Twitter), his name is Luo Yonghao, a founder of a technology company produce smart phone:)

    Love your music very much, music without Borders.

  12. Saw John playing at Pier 39 during a visit to the US in November. We bought “Waterfront” and haven’t stopped playing it since. My only regret is that I didn’t buy all the albums on offer.
    Waterfront is our #1 album and I will recommend it to anyone who loves music and excellent guitar playing.

    1. we met him in sept 2014 at the same place – such a nice guy playing music which is touching us deeply. we’ll never forget…

  13. Chinese student toooooo. I always introduced your music to my friends,
    I am really into your music, and study online from your shop;) by the way can you support the tab for he’s a pirate?


  14. Hey John, I hope all is well.
    Wife & I will be in the San Francisco area the week of Sept. 19.
    Will you be out performing where we can come by and enjoy?

  15. Hey John,

    It is my pleasure to have met you in San Fran bay area! Got all your CDs and really enjoy your music!

    Take care!

  16. Your music is so beautiful. “Aurora Borealis” has tens of thousand Likes on a Chinese music APP. Comments says it feels like fairwell and welcoming in the same time. Beautiful melody, thank you for this song.

      1. Just saw this post… As someone who is Chinese and loves your music, I’d love to try to contact NetEastMusic (also known in Chinese as 网易云音乐) on your behalf if you want them to ask for your authorization but don’t have a better approach.
        I’m not sure if you can see the email address I left when I was posting this comment, if you can, please contact me and I’d love to help in any possible way.

      2. I’m from China. ^_^ I love your music so much, and I tried to learn your The Most Evolved by your video maybe 3 years ago. I also downloaded your music from netease music( for free >.<). I would like pay for it if your sell your record on netease music~.~

      3. So, that Wangyiyun didn’t ask for your permission. Then you should contact them, since they should pay you. That app is actually pretty influential and is one of the most popular music app in China.

        1. interesting! thanks for sharing. i wonder how my music got there in the first place? Its good to know lots of people like it. I wonder if that company is making money off my music though . If they are it would be nice if they shared the profits of my work with me.

      4. I’m also a Chinese student and I love your Aurora Borealis very much.I can play the classic guitar and I want to perform such a program in an Christmas show.But I can’t find the music score of the accompany guitar on the Internet.So I sincerely wish you can share it with me and I’ll be quite glad with it.

      5. I am a Chinese,you are so great,l love all of your music,and love Aurora Borealis best,please forgive me for my poor English, just don’t know how to explain my heart,excited!wonderful!

  17. Hi John, Just want to say Ive just recently heard your music on YouTube and I cant remember ever been moved so much by anything ive ever heard before! Ive just ordered my Cordoba.and will be getting your CDs this weekend.Allan (Scotland)

  18. I am trying to purchase a CD copy of ‘classical & spanish guitar music’. I’m not able to ‘add to cart’ (from your website) with my computer….and the CD Baby store outlet doesn’t appear to have it. Can you help me obtain this?

  19. Music that leaves me speechless. Music has no boundaries, no barriers.it is a wind that blows from one direction to other. Like a river that flows from here to there and from there to somwhere.Music i Love, Music is life.

  20. Just bought the String and Wood download. As a Linux user I was very happy to find ogg vorbis format available. Thanks for sharing your music and knowledge on-line! I look forward to tackling your lesson package soon.

  21. I love your music, I re-discovered it a year later from when I listened last. I think life brings you to moments in time when you feel like you can relate to a piece of art more than ever, and this is a time when I believe your music really defines how I am feeling.
    Great work John!

  22. Hii ,

    i am a beginner learning to play guitar and i accidently found your compositions on youtube . i am left all stunned by your creations , it takes me to some other world where i have peace and only peace . Never seen something like this before . Now, i wish a miracle happens and i am able to play like you do .

  23. Heard you a few years ago playing in the evening at Ghiradelli Square in SF. It was the perfect night for the romantic music. The stars were out, it was a warm night, lights were strung around, and people were having fun. It was like I was at an exclusive party listening to a fabulous guitar player. I recently re-discovered the cd and am now enjoying it all over again. Hope you get all the recognition you deserve!

  24. Hi,
    i just heard your wonderful piece titled “10-19-10.mov” on You Tube. Truly a great work ! I wonder if I could possibly find the music on a compact disk? Thank-you Cal Mohney

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