A Walk to the Lake

Here a video of me playing an early version of “A Walk to the Lake” out on the street in San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Area. The official version of this song was released on the Album “String & Wood” in 2011. This is another song where I use an electronic looper to record and playback 4 bar sections of the song to create all the backing tracks on the fly during the performance. I am also using my guitarcam rig as the camera mount. For the guitar player’s out there I’ve also released the note for note sheet music transcriptions, see below.

Sheet Music and TABs:

All TABS & Sheet Music Now Available Exclusively at JohnClarkeGuitarLessons.com

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8 thoughts on “A Walk to the Lake”

  1. Promised myself that i will buy your album and i have bought myself String and Wood. Not disappointed.

  2. Many thanks for this video. It’s a very nice composition, like all your guitar music. But I saw your fingers move over the Guitar strings and my head spins. But I hope, this is not your last instrumental.

  3. Good thing you didn’t tell me the price. Otherwise I might not be able to resist to pun you that you meant prize. In that case, hm… no, not enough. That’s what your pricing means in Cantonese if I were to pun you.

    I like your other YouTube version of the same piece. Sounds so happy and boyish. When I heard that version I really could relate your piece to a walk to a lake.

  4. Love your music. Would like to see about licensing some for an upcoming film I’m making. Thanks

  5. I am so excited! Thank you 🙂 I have been patiently waiting for the sheet music for this song!

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