4 thoughts on “Aguila Cosmica”

  1. ¡¡¡ hola mui lindo todos tus dvd .tu no tienes alguna zambra para pasarmela en partitura si tienes te lo agradesco mucho mucho .soy de argentina rosario y mayor y nose esto de computadora chau y no afloje sos un fenomeno mandame algo de partitura muchacho si podes dios te bendiga mucho chau

  2. I love Flamenco/Spanish guitar. I wish i learned to play when i was younger, but i am happy to listen to you play just as well. Beautiful…and i like your comments in the upper corner on some of your spots;-)


  3. This is my favorite piece, i wanna learn this so bad ): but i got no credit card ): john clark i think ur one of my biggest inspirations ever i think ur the biggest reason of why i picked up a guitar 😀 i only wish one day i will be good enough to play this song even half as good as you:)

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