A first go with the diy guitar cam

UPDATE!!: My tutorial is now up: How to Make a GuitarCam Mount™

I made a guitar cam mount out of a piece of aluminum stripping, a c-clamp, and and little camera and attached it to the headstock. This is my first tune using the guitar cam. I can now record every time I play with ease…like a guitar diary. Will this forever change my life?! ;-).

If enough people are interested I’ll do a little tutorial on how to build the guitar cam mount…super cheap. Or, if any has any mounting ideas, I’d love to hear them.

I really love this perspective…Its like I’m seeing through the eyes of the guitar. The camera’s movement reacts to the way the guitar is played. I just had a trippy thought: the guitar has a “body,” a “neck” and a head or “headstock.” These are the actual common use names of the parts of the guitar. Now with a camera attached the guitar has eyes!!

If you get the camera attached firmly enough so that it picks up all the vibrations, you’ll essentially transfer musical energy into visual energy. The vibration of the strings causes the whole guitar to vibrate. Sound travels much more efficiently through solids. If the camera is firmly attached, it will pick up the vibrations of the guitar and the movements of the performer. Although the sound vibrations are much too small and fast for us actually see, it is interesting to think about the vibrations of the camera as a visual representations of the musical performance.

The audio is not as good as I’d like it to be. Because it was just a quick test I just used the camera’s built in mic instead of setting up my good mics. I’m on the look out for a high quality but simple audio solution to get better sound out of the mounted camera. I may try to figure out if I can install traditional classical guitar pickup system and see if I can plug it straight into the camcorder.