Classical and Spanish Guitar the Album

Classical and Spanish Guitar

This CD, “Classical and Spanish Guitar” is my first album in this genre.  I put it together very quickly in 2005. I originally intended it to be a hold-over until I got a full-length album out.  However, it continues to sell and get positive feedback. I do plan on re-doing most of the songs on this CD for a future album. None of the songs on “Classical and Spanish guitar” are included on the ablum “Acoustik Guitar

Here is the track listing as printed on the CD:

  1. Work 2
  2. Work 3
  3. Prelude (BWV.846)
  4. Tempestad
  5. Spanish Romance
  6. Work 4
  7. Work5
  8. Prelude (BWV.999)
  9. Work 6
  10. Lagrima

Since the time of original printing I have renamed a few of the songs.  The tracks entitled “Works” are my own compositions.  I am notorious for having writers block when it comes to naming things–especially pieces of music.  But that is a whole other subject, for another day, and another blog entry.

  • “Work 2” has been renamed “To Live”
  • “Work 3” has been renamed “Fuerte”
  • “work 4” doesn’t have a new name yet.
  • “work 5” has been renamed to “Sentinel”
  • “work 6” has been renamed to “Revolution”

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John H. Clarke: Classical and Spanish Guitar

Acoustik Guitar – The Album

My First Studio Album. Recorded in San Fransisco. Engineered by Vincent Go. Includes original pieces like The Most Evolved and Fuerte, as well as classical pieces like Malaguena and Recuerdos de La Alhambra