Classical and Spanish Guitar the Album

Classical and Spanish Guitar

This CD, “Classical and Spanish Guitar” is my first album in this genre.  I put it together very quickly in 2005. I originally intended it to be a hold-over until I got a full-length album out.  However, it continues to sell and get positive feedback. I do plan on re-doing most of the songs on this CD for a future album. None of the songs on “Classical and Spanish guitar” are included on the ablum “Acoustik Guitar

Here is the track listing as printed on the CD:

  1. Work 2
  2. Work 3
  3. Prelude (BWV.846)
  4. Tempestad
  5. Spanish Romance
  6. Work 4
  7. Work5
  8. Prelude (BWV.999)
  9. Work 6
  10. Lagrima

Since the time of original printing I have renamed a few of the songs.  The tracks entitled “Works” are my own compositions.  I am notorious for having writers block when it comes to naming things–especially pieces of music.  But that is a whole other subject, for another day, and another blog entry.

  • “Work 2” has been renamed “To Live”
  • “Work 3” has been renamed “Fuerte”
  • “work 4” doesn’t have a new name yet.
  • “work 5” has been renamed to “Sentinel”
  • “work 6” has been renamed to “Revolution”

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14 thoughts on “Classical and Spanish Guitar the Album”

  1. Your love for the guitar and the passion with which you play is amazing ! .I am only a beginner but you have inspired me and i am sure countless others to achieve the goal of playing well, there is so much soul in what you do ! .Thanks for your help and enjoy every day playing this great music .
    Big Fan!!!

  2. I’ve always been passionate about acoustic guitar, specifically Spanish/Flamenco style. So, I ran a search and found you. What an amazing musician you are. I could just sit in front on my computer and watch/listen to you all day. Are you scheduling any tours? Come to Northern California why don’t you!
    If you have a mailing list/newsletter for your fans to let them know when new cd’s are release or where you’ll be playing, please add my name and address.
    God bless and play on!

  3. John,
    I have always played around with guitar but mostly into sax and harmonica. I was bored last night and pulled up Spanish guitar music and you popped up. Now I it’s imperative that I learn how to play like you. Do you have instructional videos for sale. If so, I want to get as much help as I can to impress my wife and all my employees here at Starlight Mfg. You’re the man!! 1-800-223-1752

  4. i have fallen in love with your music…i am hypnotized by every beautiful song. your work is amazing.

    do you ever come to Oregon? if you do, please consider coming to Bend or Portland!! =)

  5. Please come to Nampa Idaho and play at the Idaho Center! My husband and I sit and listen to your music nightly. We very much enjoy it.

  6. Please come to Nampa Idaho and play at the Idaho Center! My husband and I sit and listen to your music nightly. We verymuch enjoy it.

  7. John, please don’t ever stop playing, you are truly talented. Since I have found your videos, I have listened to your music daily. It’s just SO beautiful. I would LOVE to hear you play live in concert. God bless you always.


  8. hi… i just came across your videos on youtube while doing a search for spanish guitar music. i love your stuff! truly great work! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I find your guitar playing inspirational and it is a wonderful combination of Spanish and classical. Great work and very original sounding. I enjoy your music very much. If only I didnt live in the Northeast, I would attend your workshops. Todd Allan Hamm

  10. I’ve always loved Spanish guitar and just recently found you on youtube . . . AWESOME is all I can say!! I don’t know how to play, but enjoy watching others. My sister and husband both play, my sister especially well. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of you sooner. If you’re ever in Washington State, the larger latin/spanish communities are in Yakima, Wenatchee, and the Tri-Cities. I’d love to see you in a concert or other musical event, check out the Gorge at George! Acoustics are awesome there!! Love your work man, keep it up!!

  11. I did a search for spanish guitar on YouTube and found your music…wow…I think I’ve fallen in love with music all over again thanks to seeing your videos! Now I really want to learn how to play the guitar. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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