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15 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Dear Mr. John Clarke
    My name is Matthew Nguyen and I have a friend that loves playing guitar and is included as one of her passions. She is a very big fan of yours and she has learned how to play both The Most Evolved an Revolution. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to watch this video of her playing THe Most Evolved for her music showcase. I would deeply appreciate it. She would love to hear form a professional guiltiest of how she’s playing and to give her hopes up on the future of being as good as you one day.

  2. Hi~Have you considered holding concerts?I am really desire to listen to your playing in live.If you have a plan about it , please tell me.Thanks!

  3. Hi John,
    I watched you play couple of months back near Pier 39. I recorded a video while you were playing and bought your String & Wood CD there. You make some really good music and I am enjoying every song in String & Wood. Do continue pursuing your passion and hope you will continue producing great music. Will definitely recommend your music to my friends. Thanks.

  4. I had the pleasure of watching you in San Fransico on the water front. Can I just say, Thank you. Brillient. I am not a music minded person if you know what I mean, but I like a good sound when it presents its self. I was very very impressed. (I never look up an artist to say Thank you. However, there is a first for everything.) It was one of the highlights of our whole visit to America.

  5. My wife and I are captivated by your music after we saw you in SF this week. Glad we picked up your CD. Now I am inspired to pick up my guitar more than ever! Thanks so much!!! And sorry if you minded the redneck hooooing and hollering, we are from Indiana and she especially couldn’t help it. You were simply awesome at Pier 39.

  6. Hi,John.Greetings from Chinaļ¼I listened to your new album last night.AMAZING!I think i like FRIENDS best,it makes me feel easy.I just started to learn guitar.So,good luck to me.I really like your music. Wish you all the best!

  7. Hi John!

    I heard your music and i like it!
    you have a really talent this why i write this e-mail for you
    I do some videos about different things..
    now I’m working in a video from one hotel in spain and what i need is a music for that.
    this video is a commercial for my webpage as well.
    so i do this for a favour.
    i found your song called “fuerte” is could be perfect to this job!
    i would like to ask you if i can put your music to the video (of course your name gonna be in the end of the video as well like a : music by
    its a good business for you as well, like an advertisement!
    please contact me to know what is your opinion!!
    thanks for your time!!
    regards Geri

  8. I was trying to email you but the site will not allow my email address? My question is what would you recommend as a good guitar that would offer great sound and a smaller neck as my guitar is to wide in the neck and I have a bit of a time reaching all the chords. I am not looking for the most expensive or the cheapest. Something that I could advance on as well.

    Thanks John

  9. Hi John Clarke,

    I am 15 years old and thinking about buying lessons from your site.

    Now my question is:
    what sort of lessons are they?
    Do I only get Tabs and other sheets or videos; what sort of videos? ( “over-the-shoulder-view” including talking and explaining, or only a play-thru?)

    It would be nice if you would respond to me as soon as possible.

    Sebastian Dupuis

  10. I am trying to contact you, but the form says that the email is not sent. Could you please reply to me. I would like to use one of your songs in a class project for school. Thanks!

  11. John;

    I just purchased your album off itunes. I must say, I was disappointed the album was missing: fuerte, pursuit of the cygnus thief, mosaic for shadows, and revolution. These were really the songs I bought the album for, though it’s my bad for assuming Acoustik Guitar had them. I then tried to find the mp3’s online with no luck. Can you give me a hand?


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