5 thoughts on “DDUHUDU Strumming Pattern”

  1. Thank you for what you do. I have been playing guitar a couple of years. I dont like using a pick and was digging through youtube looking for some finger picking lessons or ideas. I found “The Most Evolved” and was amazed. I immediatley downloaded your Acoustik Guitar CD from Amazon. I play an Ibanez AE and am looking for a classical guitar to continue this newfound journey. Its too bad South GA is nowhere near Berkley, CA. Thanks again. Jon

  2. Ok. I’ve got the sheet music and opened the three DUDU -style lessons, but how do I play the whole peice? (Evolved) Is this in the online lessons?

  3. Wow. You are an inspiration. I just saw your Most Evolved and was blown away. I can no longer stay away from my little classical guitar!

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