A first go with the diy guitar cam

UPDATE!!: My tutorial is now up: How to Make a GuitarCam Mount™

I made a guitar cam mount out of a piece of aluminum stripping, a c-clamp, and and little camera and attached it to the headstock. This is my first tune using the guitar cam. I can now record every time I play with ease…like a guitar diary. Will this forever change my life?! ;-).

If enough people are interested I’ll do a little tutorial on how to build the guitar cam mount…super cheap. Or, if any has any mounting ideas, I’d love to hear them.

I really love this perspective…Its like I’m seeing through the eyes of the guitar. The camera’s movement reacts to the way the guitar is played. I just had a trippy thought: the guitar has a “body,” a “neck” and a head or “headstock.” These are the actual common use names of the parts of the guitar. Now with a camera attached the guitar has eyes!!

If you get the camera attached firmly enough so that it picks up all the vibrations, you’ll essentially transfer musical energy into visual energy. The vibration of the strings causes the whole guitar to vibrate. Sound travels much more efficiently through solids. If the camera is firmly attached, it will pick up the vibrations of the guitar and the movements of the performer. Although the sound vibrations are much too small and fast for us actually see, it is interesting to think about the vibrations of the camera as a visual representations of the musical performance.

The audio is not as good as I’d like it to be. Because it was just a quick test I just used the camera’s built in mic instead of setting up my good mics. I’m on the look out for a high quality but simple audio solution to get better sound out of the mounted camera. I may try to figure out if I can install traditional classical guitar pickup system and see if I can plug it straight into the camcorder.

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8 thoughts on “A first go with the diy guitar cam”

  1. Yeah, I’d love to see a guitar cam mount tutorial too. I’ve got a GoPro Hero 2 that fits onto my surfboards with mounts backed with 3M VHB adhesive, but I don’t wanna wreck my Strat or Gibson SG (or other guitars) with adhesive!! I’m thinking of sticking a little 3M Dual Lock onto the bottom of the camera, and then some more onto either a guitar capo or a Velcro band with a straight, hard section for the Dual Lock.
    Any thoughts on this mad method??

  2. I make these for people for only $10.00 will mount on any guitar without drilling anything. Please email me at maxelll3752@yahoo.com with subject “Guitar cam Mount” you can pay with a credit card and I’ll ship you one.

    1. @Don
      Do you have any pictures online, or a video of your design in action? I’d love to see it. One of the advantages of the design I show how to make above, is that it is very strong and rigid. The camera will not shake…which means a better video effect. All my new videos use it.

  3. Would love to see this tutorial, mate. Seems like you’ve picked up a lot of useful techniques and methods in your time in Mexico :). Or maybe it was just your ingenuity?

  4. diy guitar cam is VERY helpful! Watching both of your hands/fingers up close like that helps me to correct or confirm the way I play!

    Please do more! I’d like to request a diy cam for ‘The Most Evolved’.

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