Guitar Lessons

Hey guys I run a separate website for Lessons, tabs, and guitar educational stuff.

To start taking Online lessons from me or download tabs of my songs just click the link below.

12 thoughts on “Guitar Lessons”

  1. Hi your awesome, I saw you years ago playing on the park bench on youtube and could never find you gain until tongiht. Can you give me skype lessons

  2. Hi John,
    I live in Berkeley and want to give my dear BF
    The gift of guitar lessons for his Bday. I can’t find any links to that info on your site. Is there any way you can contact me and I can arrange/ pay for this? He lives part time here in Berkeley w me and also had a boat at pier 39- near where I ve known you to play. Let me know if this is a possibility!
    Thank you

  3. Hi John,
    IT has been some time. I recently started trying to learn Libretango. I saw a couple of cool videos of a guitar playing it. I thought of you and thought I would ask if you would make a video about how to play it. Then better yet, I wondered if you could compose something like Libretango, it seems to be a cool, rhythmic, passionate song. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  4. Hello John,
    I’ve been following your music for sometime. I was wondering if your stance on private students has changed. I’m located in the SF bay area. I’ve recently taught myself a basic rumba strumming pattern and I would like to further develop my finger picking style, with an emphasis on spanish guitar playing. I’m still in the beginner/intermediate area. Please let me know if this would be possible.

    Your Fan,


  5. Hi John Clake

    As you know its getting close to Christmas and I would love to buy my brother a private lesson or two for Christmas.

    We live in Australia so is there any chance you could do a private lesson via webcam .



  6. Hi Sir,

    Im a Canadian so i guess that rules out the private lessons options. Is there another way we can have lessons via skype for example? thank you eh
    Take it easy

  7. Hello Sir,

    I’m from Canada abit too far for private lessons, however I was wondering if we could have lessons via another way. I took lessons for acoustic guitar for more than three years and I would like to start my Spanish guitar lessons as well. I’m 15 and hope to here from you soon

  8. Hello My name is Michael I’m from Iraq, I love you so much and I love.I can not buy your music because I do not have the purchasing card. Do you have Skype to stay in touch me and you … Greetings to you
     Michael from Iraq

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