Jerusalem of Gold

I was asked to do a custom arrangement of this piece for a wedding. The melody has really grown on me. This is a good piece for a first or second year guitar student.

I produced the arrangement by modifying a midi file of the song I found on the internet. I edited and revised the music with guitar notation software. My goal was to make the piece sound good and be easy to play on the guitar.

The video is done with my mini dv camera and edited with final cut pro.  This is one of the first videos I have done utilizing 16:9 format (wide screen). I spent a lot of time getting the lighting right.  I used a black curtain for background and a single light box that I built myself.  Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Jerusalem of Gold”

  1. This arrangement is perfect. John introduced me to the beauty of classical guitar through his youtube videos, and ive been playing spanish/classical guitar ever since. Im grateful for the songs youve shared, thank you

  2. Just bought the sheet music to this arrangement–the performance is just so inspiring (thanks to you) that I can’t wait to learn it myself. Great work, John–will look forward to buying your CD!

  3. I visited a music store and told the sales rep that if I could live my life over I would dedicate it to the guitar. He simply asked why don’t you do so now. He walked away and did not try to sell me anything.He was a manager and would not have made money off of me in comission. Thanks to you I am making that wish a reality. Your sheet music, tutoring on Utube and this web site are a God send to someone who has long loved the sound of this beautiful instrument. Now I am making the music. I learned Jerusalem of Gold. I thought that I would never be able to learn to play such music.Thank you.

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