O’ Carolan’s Concerto

Happy St Patrick’s Day

I thought this would be a fitting song for St. Patrick’s Day as it was written by one of Ireland’s most Famous Composer’s: Turlough O’ Carolan!

 On Guitar…

It is a lot of fun to play on guitar! I arranged to be play in the 7th position (1st finger 7th fret) for a couple of reasons.

#1 I like rich full tones; the thicker the string the fuller the guitar tone. So by playing it on higher frets I am forced to use the thicker strings.
#2. I wanted to play in a single position without needing to shift my left hand to much.
#3. I wanted to practice a 3 notes per string scale (or finger pattern).

So this song is also a great way to practice those often neglected notes up higher on the fretboard.

Scale Pattern Tutorial for Carolan’s Concerto (JHC Arrangement.)

D Major Fretboard Chart
Blank Fretboard Chart

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16 thoughts on “O’ Carolan’s Concerto”

  1. This happy tune (concerto….), not like many other instrumental pieces I listen to, sticks in my head like a pop song.

  2. Thanks John. It is always such a pleasure listening to you play. I have been wanting to learn more guitar but it seems I can’t seem to practice consistently. I play the violin but enjoy the guitar very much also. Keep up the good work.

    God Bless!

  3. =)

    The tutorial’s too advanced for me. I don’t play guitar. I don’t know that much about fretboard either, or how guitarists typically practice scales. But it was fun to watch.

  4. hi dear u r from my best guitarests
    i have a note in the Scale Chart i think the first string we must play the fret number 9&10&12 not 9 &11 &12
    that is wrigt in video but not in scale chart

    1. Hey Ayman,
      You are absolutely right!! thanks for pointing that out. I have uploaded the corrected fretboard scale chart.



  5. Sorry me John,
    Yes..I was wrong for that song name. There was a “Tempestad” which you are playing on you tube.
    So , that song I have learned from that videos.Thank you for it. Yes that song is writen by Juan Serrano, but it does not matter. Regards – Ovidijus from Lithuania

    thanks so much for sharing…I was doing some paperwork in an Irish Pub on St. Patty’s day…clicked on this…we had several people huddled around my laptop saying….”who’s that?!??” I lied….said my guitar teacher-
    Everyone’s gotta have a dream man.:)

  7. Dear John,
    thank you for playing this wonderful piece of music. I’ve really enjoyed it.

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