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  1. Love your music have never heard you music so this will be the first but I won’t be disappointed thank you hear from you soon Tony .

  2. Heard you at pier 39 few years ago. Just wonderful. Could have listened all day in the sn. Back in Cold Scotland I often go into utube and listen to you playing. Came up to you that few years ago to say I loved your music.

  3. Your musical talent is undeniable. !!!
    You made many people so profoundly engaged with your soul and feelings.
    Thank you for beeing you!

  4. Hi John!! We first met you in SFO in Oct 2015 and we bought 2 of your albums as gifts for my sister’s engagement! She fell in love with your music like we did and we thank you for that special congratulatory note for her. We are soo happy that you are doing the “Live” series as I miss SFO and now SFO=John Clarke too!Deja vu much! Beautiful waterfront views and amazing music!! Thank you & God bless!
    ps. heading over to your website now to support you! Cheers!

  5. John, my wife and I have enjoyed your music for several years–ever since seeing you play on YouTube. I have downloaded your music from iTunes and have learned some of your tabbed music–I really like playing The Most Evolved! Thank you for all that you do in music!

  6. I love your work and I too have been listening to your for years now and your very inspirational. I have always wanted to learn how to play the Spanish guitar and once I heard your music I fell in love, it’s so real, sensual, and appealing to the ear! I have taken a beginning guitar class and I learned Romanza all because you inspired me to learn! Love it, Thank you. Do you do special occasion performances? because your amazingly wonderful!

  7. Been listening to you for a good number of years now. I find your own compositions are very refreshing and original. You are a musician in the true sense of the word! Keep up the good work!


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