This Moment

This Moment 2010
A calm, reflective, Spanish / Classical Guitar improvisation.  Key of E Major.  Played on a 2006 “Rodriguez” by Kenny Hill

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10 thoughts on “This Moment”

  1. I accidentally run to you and your friends at the Fisherman’s Wharf area 13th of April 2013. I was so excited and thrilled to listen to you live!!! Thanks for taking time signing the CD I bought, and willingness to take a picture with me! I love your music and my friends as well. I hope I can see you in SFO in September, or even in LA.. Send thanks to your parents who let you explore your interest and passion in music world!
    Brgrds-Maria W.

  2. Hallo John
    Ich möchte gerne die Noton-TAB von deiner Fassung
    ,,Amazing Grace“ kaufen.
    Ich kann diese aber nicht in deiner Liste finden.
    Ist event. von ,,This Moment“ eine TAB zu kaufen ?


  3. Hallo John !

    Ist von Deinem wunderbaren Stück
    ,,This Moment” eventuell einen TAB-Version erhältlich?

    Viele Grüsse Arnold

  4. john: You are an extraordinary musician and composer, you have a special gift in your hands, mind and mostly in your heart, because the strength to playguitar, the inspiration to compose come from your heart. In a world where few of the population are musicians, you are special. At the beginning of everything and at the end of all, You will be special and that makes you The Most Evolved. Congratulations by “String an d Wood”.

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