8 thoughts on “Un Tren”

  1. John,
    I listened to your music briefly this evening at the Wharf and your latin melody brought a inner peace and cheer to my heart. I bought your two CD’s and look forward to listening to them. Your passion for music and love you have for performing is evident and not sure why your are not a fanous performer in the world of music. I have listened for more than 40 years to street performers and musicians in general and i must say that you sparked something in me that I’m not sure what will come of it as yet.
    Mucho gusto!

  2. John, I love your music it inspires to go farther in guitar but i have a question. What is the tuning for Un Tren

  3. Love your music. Doing my best to learn Fuerte. Can you please tell me the what brand and type of strings you use on your guitars.

  4. Hy ,where can I listen Un Tren – 2010 ver. recorded in a studio, it’s sounds better than old version


  5. I get so inspired every time I hear this song. I downloaded it the other day and am keen to get the strumming pattern perfected. Any tips on the DUDHUDU etc.

    Keep up the great work………

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