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  1. I Heard you playing in san francisco in 2012 your music is soo amaizing and beautiful i live in tijuana , México. You are truly blessed thank you.

  2. The beginning of this song sounds like Chinese dragon dance. So convenient to treat the guitar like percussion as you have named your latest album “String and Wood.” Hm there’s so much you can do with string and wood for sure. As far as I know, that’s a pretty John Clarke thing to do.

  3. Hello John, Words cannot express how much I enjoy your music. I, too, love flamenco-spanish style music. Tell me, what is the difference between your 30 dollar flat rate lessons and the one that cost 9.97 per month.
    Again, thanks John for your energy and music

  4. John,
    You might not remember me from last Summer. I emailed you about using one of your songs on one of my videos. I recently spent two weeks in Juarez and loved it. The people are wonderful. I just finished another video from my trip, its on our website it you might want to see it. Although I haven’t heard you play lately, I kept hearing you in my memory while in Juarez. Thank you for your music, it sheds light on the soul of those who truly love beautiful music.

    Doug Culver

  5. OK, I admit it, I am addicted to your music.

    By the way, I like your driving music but I also like Azul ( Blue ), Tierra ( Land ), Fuego ( Strength ) , Cielo ( Sky ) and especially Alma ( Love ), all change of pace softer music. Nacio en Panama – I was born in Panama and have 10 years of Spanish education. Hasta luego, amigo

  6. I discovered you about 3 weeks ago. Your style is captivating. An uncontrollable smile comes over me everytime I listen to you play. You are so talented. Your passion for your music shows as you perform.
    I hope to have the opportunity to enjoy your music live.
    Yours very truly,

  7. How about John H. Clark tee shirts, sweaters, mugs? I know it’s the MBA marketing research/statistics coming out. Ottmar has a website for the above, with upcoming gigs. Just an idea. I would wear a John H. Clark Tshirt.

  8. I saw Ottmar Liebert, my hero perform live in Visalia, CA. No shoes, jeans, awesome. Another memorable moment I will never forget, Simon and Garfunkle live at Penn State.

    Young man, you have awesome talent. Trust me you will be famous. I am listening now with surround sound speakers blasting. I will remember that Pier 39 playing forever.

  9. Heard you at Pier 39 on Saturday, April 7th and bought both CDs on your table. I told you Otmar Liebert is my hero, but I may have to rethink that. Your music is so fresh and energetic. I am listening as I write and am so impressed. Of course, I am so into classical guitar. Just wanted you to know your are appreciated. Count me as a big fan. George Stanley, Fresno, CA

    1. Thanks for the comments George. Good to meet you the other day and thanks for picking up my cds! Yeah, Otmar is def. an influence in some of my playing.

      1. I think UR awesome. Listening again now. Don’t contaminate your music by listening too much to Ottmar. You artists need time to develop new chords and approaches otherwise you get stagnant, which I why I think Ottmar is in hibernation trying to develop new music.

        Please let me know if you have gigs in the Bay Area, I may come up to support you.

        Your fan, George Stanley MBA, MS, BS

  10. One of the best songs i’ve ever heard in my life. you deserve worldwide recognition. your songs are exceptional. carry on charming us with your emotional songs. john you are great. viva la guitarra espagnola!

  11. you are awesome John. I have been listening to your music for over four years. Because of you and your music I picked up the guitar at the age of 50 and started to learn the basics. I am addicted to the sounds your create with your guitar. You are a true artist. Keep up the good job and God bless you for bringing happiness to my heart.
    Sam F.

  12. As a trainer of Spanish horses we usually have classical or flamenco music playing on our yard. Having just found you on youtube I am captivated by the energy and passion in your music – your relationship with the guitar is tangible. Thank you for the uplifting inspiration your music brings.

  13. Your music is my new inspiration when I play guitar, and I love your CD’s! I can only hope to play half as good as you when I get older. Thanks for the beautiful music!

    Keep on keepn on


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