With Love – Original Guitar Composition by John H. Clarke

With Love – Original Guitar Composition by John H. Clarke

This was probably the hardest song I have ever trans-cribed. It took hours and hours. Mostly because it was originally recorded and composed completely in free time.

I had to make a lot of decisions in order to put it on paper as accurately as possible. As I generally do with most of my music publications I did not include left or right hand fingerings, or expression marks such as legatos and such. I do this because it is extremely tedious work, but more importantly because I don’t want people to play carbon copies of my music. I believe music should be interpreted and imbued with the style of the artist who plays it.  Here is a sample of the sheet music.

I tried to be as accurate as possible with the notation and the tabs but some notes may have been omitted and altered from the original youtube video. This had to be done in order to “square” the music in 4/4 time on the printed staff.

Leave questions about this song below and I will do my best to get back to you.

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32 thoughts on “With Love – Original Guitar Composition by John H. Clarke”

  1. Searching for music to use for work with my Spanish horses I discovered you on youtube … and I have to say: you got a new fan! your music makes my skin crawl! Please tell me how I can get some of your CDs (maybe even trough your web, sorry, I´m so overwhelmed, I just did´t look) and whether it would be ok for you if I use some of your pieces to show my horses. Thanks , Dori

  2. Mr.John, greetings!
    u know i used to learn classical guitar some time back because my dad inspired me to..but after his death that inspiration was also lost. after watching u play i feel inspired again.. thank you..

  3. I love to with love, it’s great, I have no credit card will send a letter to pay the tabs with love, but I have doubts about is what I have to send money and in terms of dollar or peso or dollar serious Mexican currency and that mail can get through faster and safer, whether sent by courier or DHL, or that I recommended.

    Thank you very much and thank you for your attention.

    1. I listen to all kinds of stuff including music of Asia. Maybe some of that influence comes out in my playing. I think my most Asian sounding song is probably Mosaic For Shadows because i actually use an Asian pentatonic scale there.

  4. LOVE your music style, hard to find beautiful melodies. you’ve inspired me to learn this style of music ….beautiful

  5. i would like to find a tab for it coz i really loved it
    i learned about half of it but i stumbled alot
    does ane one know where to find a tab for it ? plz

  6. Certainly this is the most impressive piece of music I’ve ever heard. I don’t know anyone else who can play like you. You’re a genius. really, you are. I thank you very much for your music, it’s relly helpful in times of depression… I’m so unbelievable happy that i stumbled about your music!

    But John, why did you locked “with love” at Youtube? It is your best song and it is impossible to hear it. 🙁
    I’m really, really frustrated about that and hope that it will be better.

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Thanks you very much for your compliments. I am sorry that the video is not viewable in Germany. Is that still the case? Hopefully not, I opted out of youtube partner program which means no more advertisements on my videos. Maybe that is why youtube was blocking it.

  7. I Love your music and I would buy your tabs for this song name your price.
    I thank you again for sharing your talent with the world.
    Thanks again,Michael J.

  8. Tabs Tabs Tabs i buy i buy i buy !! Tabs for “No petense” – “Aurorar Borealis” – “With Love” / Help ME ! HELP YOU !!

    1. hahah yes…. “Aurora Borealis” has been out for few months. I just finished “No Pretense” yesterday, and today I published “With Love!” I am so glad to be finally finished with that transcription!! I hope people will enjoy learning and playing it ..watch out for those 32nd notes!!

  9. Im just off out back to burn my guitar!!! Awesome, thanks for taking the time to share your music.

  10. it’s such a pleasure to watch and listen to your amazing style. you have kind of responsebility to keep your work going … for all the people like me!

  11. I stumbled onto your videos on YouTube and watched in amazement. Love this piece! It is gorgeous.

    1. My name is Israel Negrete, in another way I can pay the tabs for the song With Love, I am very interested.
      This beautiful song on.
      I have no credit card pay pal, I can make the deposit in the bank and in dollars or in Mexican pesos and account number.
      I’m from Mexico City, I love his music, please help me get the tab WITH LOVE.

      Thank you.

      1. Hi Isreal,

        You can send me a letter with payment to:

        John Clarke Music
        PO Box 2581
        Berkeley, CA 94702

        Include your email address in the letter so that I can email you the sheet music!


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