John H Clarke’s Youtube Classics DVD Volume 1

Collector’s DVD

John H. Clarke Youtube Classics DVD
John H. Clarke’s Limited Edition Youtube Classics DVD

Yes is true… you can watch all these videos on YouTube.  But YouTube has yucky ads.  Add this DVD to your collection and I will send you a signed copy. -John H Clarke

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  • The Most Evolved
  • Malaguena
  • Aguila Cosmica
  • With Love
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Spanish Romance
  • Signal Urchin
  • Rostrum
  • To Live
  • Jerusalem of Gold
  • Recuerdos De La Alhambra
  • Mosaic For Shadows
  • Amazing Grace
  • Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief
  • Un Tren
  • This Moment
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1 thought on “John H Clarke’s Youtube Classics DVD Volume 1”

  1. Nice youtube vids. Nicely edited too, I’m ready to move to SF.

    I’m shopping for a classical guitar – is that a cordoba you’re playing. I’d be interested in why you chose it.

    Also, nice with the loop. I have the two pedal version and I can’t really make it do much.


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